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These materials have relegated cotton to a minority position. Water pillows are popular due to their ability provide unchanging, solid support. Most water filled pillows are simply a plastic reservoir wrapped with polyester foam or down alternative fiberfill. Recently some memory foam pillows have been rebranded bamboo pillows.” There is no bamboo in memory foam. This off gassing” of volatile organic compounds is a common and well-documented property of memory foam pillows and mattresses. Buckwheat pillows will conform to your neck and head to encourage proper spinal alignment and comfort.

Feather pillows have a fluffy, soft feeling and may also be partially filled with down. Feather pillows typically use feathers from the back and wings of ducks or geese, instead of the softest feathers close to the bird’s body, like down pillows. Water pillows do have a firm feel to them, so you should know that you like that type of pillow before buying one. big flower bedding in china

Water pillows are also heavy, so they stay in place throughout the night and can be adjusted by adding or removing water. However, down pillows come in all sizes and firmness levels and can work for all sleep positions. Memory foam pillows come in all shapes and sizes, including wedge shapes that help with acid reflux or other health conditions.

This pillow comfortably cradles your neck and head and doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as other pillows made with other fibers, although it’s best if you use this pillow with a washable cover for hygienic purposes. If you’re looking for a flat pillow made with natural materials, you’ll likely appreciate the Naturepedic Organic Cotton/Kapok Pillow. This comfortable material is popular for soft toys, cushions, and pillows.

The Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillows use 1200 thread count covers for a soft feel and each pillow is full of purified, hand-plucked goose down. Though the UTTU Sandwich Pillow has an affordable price, it’s touted as one of the best pillows to help relieve neck pain. These pillows come with a three-year warranty, and reviewers say they’re well worth the investment for a luxurious night’s sleep.

The cotton cover helps me stay cool at night, and there’s no odor whatsoever on unpacking (unlike other pillows),” wrote one reviewer online. The fabric is breathable to keep your head cool at night, and the pillows are hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. The DreamNorth Pillows are filled with a special gel fiber that’s soft and breathable, and the covers are made from 100 percent cotton with a subtle striped design.

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