Hotel Collection sheets style

The style choice for many fine hotels and resorts, this hotel bedding collection also offers sharp, clean duvet covers, pillowcases, standard pillow shams, and Euro shams. The Hotel Collection includes five bedding styles and several bath options, and all of our wonderfully indulgent Hotel Collection sheets are made of pure cotton to be breathable and durable.

Includes a 305 thread count removable cotton cover to protect your hotel pillow. The silky yet crisp sheets you slide into at luxury hotels tend to clock in at around the 300-thread-count mark. The crisp white linens, the perfectly plumped pillows and a mattress with an ideal soft-to-firm ratio is the closest thing we earthbound creatures have to climbing into clouds. Bedding sets 4 pcs manufacturer.

The range includes ‘Five Star’ Hotel King and Queen size pillows….designed to fit luxuriously across your Super King, King or Queen size bed, Hotel Mattress Toppers…’s like sleeping on a cloud! Using the finest ring-spun cotton, our hotel collection sheets are finely woven with the best equipment to create sheets that feel soft and luxurious. While trends may come and go, the quality and comfort of our Marriott Hotel Bed and Bedding continue to stand the passage of time.

They are primarily made of 100% cotton because cotton holds on to the commercial fabric softener which they add to the sheets – which gives them that soft in-store feel. For example, the Ritz-Carlton boasts 800-thread-count sheets in their luxury hotels. More than a place to lay your head, your pillow is one of the more visual aspects of your bedding, so it’s important to make sure it sets the tone for your luxury bed.

You know a high-quality bed when you see it – or rather, sleep in it – but what are the characteristics of a luxury bedding brand that make it so irresistibly comfortable? Lay your head on our luxury bedding after a long hard day and enjoy the soothing qualities of our sumptuous bedding fabrics before drifting off into a perfect night’s sleep. New Quilts, Luxury Bedding Sets and Designer Bedding Available. Not only do luxurious comforter sets provide you with warmth and comfort while you sleep or lounge, but they also act as the style centerpiece of a bedroom. Full Bedding Set – Duvet Cover + Pair of Standard Size Pillow Cases + Fitted Sheet.

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